Scots vote against independence

Scotland will remain a part of the United Kingdom, voters have decided in a referendum on Thursday.


Over 55 percent voted against the motion for Scotland to gain its independence after 307 years.

The referendum results showed that support for remaining in Britain was higher than expected based on surveys before the vote and during it.

The turnout was over 84 percent, the highest since universal suffrage was introduced after the Second World War.

Of the 32 districts most independence supporters were in Glasgow and in Dundee, a city that is considered their stronghold.

Those in favor of Scotland continuing as part of Britain had high support in the capital city of Edinburgh, the center of the oil industry Aberdeen, in the districts along the English border and the Shetland Islands.

The verdict was made in the most populous part of Scotland, a narrow lowland strip that connects the major cities Edinburgh and Glasgow, where unionists recorded a series of victories.