Serbians can travel to 104 countries without visas

WASHINGTON -- A financial firm that "empowers individuals and families to become Global Citizens" has compiled a list of "best power-ranked passports."

Arton Capital, that "connects clients to citizenship-purchasing programs," announced that holders of passports issued by the Unites States and Britain can travel visa-free to 147 countries, making these top-ranked in this list.

Citizens of France, South Korea, and Germany can go to 145 countries without needing a visa, while Italy and Sweden follow in the list.

The Serbian passport is ranked 31st with its holders able to travel to 104 countries without visas.

In the region, Croatia is ranked 19th (124 countries), Slovenia 12th (135 countries) Bulgaria and Romania 15th and 17th (131 and 128, respectively).

Macedonia (33rd), Bosnia-Herzegovina (38th), and Montenegro (35th) are all ranked below Serbia.

At the bottom of the list are Myanmar, South Sudan, the Palestinian Territories, the Solomon Islands, and Sao Tome and Principe.