IDC shows over 100 diamonds in Belgrade exhibition

BELGRADE -- Israel Diamond Center, also known as the House of Diamonds, has opened its first exhibition of diamonds in Belgrade, Tanjug reported.


The exhibition presents over 100 jewelry pieces, including a heart-shaped yellow diamond worth half a million euros.

The exhibition was opened at Maestro Jewelers at central Belgrade on Tuesday by Israeli Ambassador to Serbia Yossef Levy and IDC founder Avi Tavisal.

"Our company has over 50 years of experience in diamond trade, cutting and design. We believe in diamonds as their value continues to grow and they are practically indestructible," Tavisal said at the opening of the exhibition.

He noted that the Tel Aviv-based company has been doing business in Serbia for 25 years.

Yossef Levy is seen with an exhibit (Tanjug)
Yossef Levy is seen with an exhibit (Tanjug)

Customers in Serbia know how to recognize the real values, and with this exhibition we want to thank Serbia and Belgrade for being our reliable host for all these years, Tavisal said.

Levy said that this exhibition comes right from Israel as a confirmation of exceptional cooperation between IDC and Belgrade.

IDC has been present in Belgrade since 1991, and it did not stop working for a single moment, not even at the most difficult times, the ambassador underscored.

The exhibition will be open by Friday, and after a short break during the weekend, the doors will be reopened for the visitors on Monday and Tuesday.