Dodik's party says coalition has majority

BANJA LUKA -- Vice-president of the SNSD Igor Radojičić has said that the ruling coalition has a majority to form a new government in the Serb entity (RS) of Bosnia.

Radojičić said that the coalition made up of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), the Democratic People's Alliance (DNS) and the Socialists (SP) should have 44 parliamentary seats in the RS parliament.

He added that according to unofficial and incomplete data of the Central Election Commission (CIK) of Bosnia-Herzegovina, that number is 43.

"We believe that the National Assembly, the government and the Council of the Peoples of the Serb Republic (RS) can and should be constituted by the end of this year," he said at a press conference.

Radojičić also claims that the party leader and SNSD candidate for RS president, incumbent Milorad Dodik, was reelected in the voting earlier this month, and that there was "not even a theoretical possibility that the result could change."

This SNSD official added that the priority of the entity's new authorities will be to solve economic problems and fight against crime and corruption.

According to Radojičić the SNSD "wants a broader coalition" in the RS parliament, and is interested in talking to non-partisan figures, as well as "quality people from the opposition ranks - except from the current leadership of the SDS."

"We are also interested in reciprocal representation of the two entities' governments and establishment of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina," said Radojičić.

He further noted that the party was yet to start talks "on personnel solutions for individual positions," and that on the state-level, "the principle of rotation must be respected."

According to him, there is a "clear majority" in the Bosnia-Herzegovina parliament to form the next Council of Ministers, consisting of the SNSD, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ BiH).

Radojičić called on the SDA and the HDZ to begin talks with his party on this subject, adding that the SNSD was interested in participating "in the federal government."

"We are interested in talking with the winning parties in the Federation of BiH (the Muslim-Croat entity of Bosnia) about a symmetrical forming of authorities in both entities and in the Council of Ministers, because in this way everything would be done very quickly. Anything else would represent adventures, with the potential of causing a new political crisis," Radojičić concluded.