Three die of Listeria infection

SKOPJE -- Three persons died in Macedonia during the past month as a consequence of infection with the Listeria bacteria.

Seven cases in all have been registered in the Balkan country in the same period of time.

The Macedonian Ministry of Health said that the victims were two adults 72 and 59 years of age, and a newborn baby.

Listeriosis is caused by the bacteria that usually spreads with contaminated food, including meat, dairy products, and fruit and vegetables.

The Committee on Contagious Diseases will sit in Skopje on Tuesday to decide on what measures to undertake, while authorities said they would step up inspection and sample collection from food processing plants and storage facilities.

The dangerous bacteria was in the news last month in Serbia when some companies were accused of exporting meat of poor quality to Russia. However, no trace of the bacteria was found, and there have been no reported cases of the illness it causes.