Romanian PM says his country is loyal U.S. ally

BUCHAREST -- Victor Ponta has offered guarantees to the U.S. and NATO that Romania was "a loyal ally they can rely on militarily and politically in the Ukraine crisis."

Ponta is seen on the right (Beta/AP)
Ponta is seen on the right (Beta/AP)

"This is an important moment, when the situation in Ukraine is not calming down but worsening, its territorial integrity is threatened, it is subject to constant aggression," the Romanian prime minister was quoted as saying after flying on a U.S. warplane in the co-pilot seat.

"Under the present circumstances Romania can conclude how good its choice to become a member of NATO was, to be a member of a powerful alliance that guarantees safety and security," said the prime minister.

Ponta also stated Romania how considered it "most important to support Moldova so that it is not caught in a conflict and could continue on its European and democratic path."

Asked about "the possible annexation of Transnistria to Russia," Ponta said it would be "a flagrant violation of international law."

Ponta made the statements as he attended a ceremony to mark the end of a joint Romanian-American air force exercise in central Romania, which lasted seven days.