SPS expects to be part of future government

BELGRADE -- Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) deputy leader Slavica Đukić-Dejanović said late Sunday she expected the SPS-led coalition to be a part of the future government.

Slavica Đukić-Dejanović
Slavica Đukić-Dejanović

She pointed out that the coalition should be a part of the next government because it doubled its vote count from four years ago in this election.

"The people gave us a positive rating for everything we have done," Đukić-Dejanović told reporters.

Asked about the possibility of forming a government with the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), she said negotiations would first start with the parties with the best results in the parliamentary election.

She noted talks on forming the government needed to start as soon as possible because Serbia had a lot of work ahead.

The SPS-Party of United Pensioners of Serbia-United Serbia coalition won 16.61 percent of the votes in the Sunday election.