“Only DS-led coalition can finish reforms”

BELGRADE -- Democratic Party (DS) deputy leader Dragan Šutanovac says that only the DS-led coalition and its presidential candidate Boris Tadić can continue reforms.

Dragan Šutanovac (file)
Dragan Šutanovac (file)

“We are asking for a mandate to continue reforms, employment, investments and security, because we are the only party that can do this under the given circumstances. Only the list led by Boris Tadić has a program and people who can make it happen,” he told daily Press.

Commenting on the DS’ campaign, he explained that the campaign showed how unreliable and uncertain their political opponents were and how “political adventurist (Serbian Progressive Party leader) Tomislav Nikolić with his coalition partners lacks consistency and principles”.

Šutanovac added that the campaign represented a warning to the citizens that by voting for “this Tomislav Nikolić they could get the one from a few years ago”.

When asked whether he believed that the SNS-led coalition could form a government with the United Regions of Serbia (URS), he said that it was interesting that the two parties did not attack each other.

“I have no knowledge of their agreement but after their past it would be very interesting,” the DS official was quoted as saying.

Šutanovac added that it would also be interesting to see whether Vojislav Koštunica’s Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) could work together with Nikolić.