Minister: Someone wants to destabilize Kosovo

UŽICE -- Serbia's Defense Minister Dragan Šutanovac has said that certain structures want to destabilize Kosovo and that a decision to reinforce KFOR is therefore good.

Dragan Šutanovac (file)
Dragan Šutanovac (file)

He said that a preemptive deployment of KFOR reinforcement meant that the mission had determined after analyzing the current security situation that it was necessary to deploy additional 650 German and Austrian troops.

NATO has sent reinforcement to Kosovo ahead of the Serbian elections on May 6.

It is so far not known how the elections in Kosovo will be organized.

Šutanovac added that he had always insisted in the talks with NATO and KFOR representatives that the number of their troops should not be reduced because Kosovo would not be a safe zone without them.

“It is important to say that the Defense Ministry has a daily communication with KFOR and NATO and we insist all the time that they must react on time and actively approach problems,” the minister explained.

According to him, it is important for KFOR to react immediately instead of waiting for problems to occur and that it must act preemptively.

“There are people in Kosovo and Metohija who are dissatisfied with agreements reached by Belgrade and Priština and who not only want to destabilize the region but also have other political motives in Kosovo and Metohija,” Šutanovac stressed.