Opposition leader accuses govt. of “stealing EUR 600mn"

TRSTENIK -- Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)-led coalition’s presidential candidate Tomislav Nikolić claims the government “has stolen EUR 600mn in the last four years”.

Tomislav Nikolić
Tomislav Nikolić

He added that the EU data showed that the government had stolen EUR 600mn through public procurements.

He told citizens of Trstenik that the government had made an additional debt worth EUR 7bn in the last four years.

Nikolić stressed that he wanted to organize the country modeled after the EU member states but added that he would never renounce Kosovo.

He called on the citizens to vote for the SNS-led coalition, stressing that his party was offering a better idea and that he was absolutely ready to take responsibility.

“I owe it to you to live better,” Nikolić told the citizens and expressed hope that his coalition would be remembered as a coalition that provided a much better life to the citizens.

Leader of New Serbia (NS), which is a member of the SNS-led coalition, Velimir Ilić said on Wednesday that only the SNS-led coalition could defeat the current ruling coalition in the upcoming elections.

He stated that the Democratic Party (DS) had spent EUR 1.8mn on a campaign against the SNS and its coalition partners.

“They paid EUR 2.8mn for videos against Toma and me. Why don’t they make a video about the things they have done so far,” he Ilić stressed.