Opposition leader to ruling parties: I don't like you either

BELGRADE -- Opposition (SNS) party leader Tomislav Nikolić says parties "should stop saying they do not want a coalition with him because he does not want it either".

Tomislav Nikolić (Beta, file)
Tomislav Nikolić (Beta, file)

“It is my duty to tell the Serbian public that I will head changes in Serbia, that I will lead a policy against (Serbian President Boris) Tadić and (United Regions of Serbia leader Mlađan) Dinkić’s united regime,” he noted.

“Me and my associates will be or not be elected by the people and citizens of Serbia and not by individuals that have destroyed everything Serbia created in the previous period,” Nikolić, whose party polls as the country's most popular, said in a statement for media.

He added that he did not understand the point of the large number of interviews and statements made by the government representatives in which he and his party are represented “as some future tag-along” or a “servant of their regime”.

“We, who believe that only radical changes and serious reforms could pull Serbia out of the difficult economic and social crisis, do not want such cooperation,” the SNS leader stressed.

He pointed out that the ruling parties should not be so quick to make statements and the people would judge both sides.

“That is why we will beat you all together with the help of the Serbian citizens,” Nikolić stressed.

Dinkić has stated that Tadić should say loud and clear that he will not form a coalition with the SNS under any circumstances.