"Serbia has Prague's full support on EU path"

BELGRADE -- Czech PM Mirko Topolanek says that Serbia should not forgo its European ambitions under any circumstances, and that it has Prague’s full support.

“The Czech Republic’s ambition, as EU presiding country, is not to allow the Western Balkans’ EU integration process to be stopped under any circumstances, which would be the biggest mistake since the Nineties, when the EU consigned the region to its fate,“ said Topolanek.

“I will tour the whole region and try to do all I can, personally, to work out the specific problems facing each country at this stage of relations with the EU,“ he told daily Novosti.

When it was put to him that Serbia would resume her path to the EU at high speed as soon as Hague fugitive Ratko Mladić wasarrested, Topolanek said that this was “partially true“ and that he understood that problem.