MPs to move into new premises

BELGRADE -- Starting next Tuesday, MPs will convene in the renovated building of the parliament of the former Yugoslavia.

The new parliament on Monday (Beta)
The new parliament on Monday (Beta)

After two months of renovation costing EUR 174,000, work in the main hall of the federal parliament has finished, a move that will allow MPs markedly better working conditions.

The renovation work has returned the style of the hall to its authentic look of 70 years ago.

Parliamentary secretary Veljko Odalović said that EUR 174,000 was not a lot, given what had been achieved.

He said that despite the economic crisis, renovations had been a rational move.

“Can you compare the working conditions in this building and that one, where you are sitting 6-7 meters underground? I think that Serbia deserves a parliament that this building offers. If we didn’t have one or if we had to make one from scratch, I could understand the criticism, but it is better to invest, even in these tough times of crisis, than allow something to fall apart,” Odalović said.

He said that the new building was more functional than its predecessor, would provide public work, and was equipped with an electronic voting system and a complete record-keeping system.

MPs will also have to change their habits, especially when addressing the national parliament.

Instead of going up to the podium, every MP will now have a microphone at their seat, which, it is believed, will save time and make parliament’s work more expeditious.

While MPs will have better working conditions, journalists are not so happy. The area given to the media is a lot smaller than in the building in Kralja Milana Street.