Defense minister: PM is "most endangered person"

BELGRADE -- Defense Minister Bratislav Gasic has said that the Military Security Agency (VBA) was "not wiretapping anyone without a court order."

(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

He at the same time described Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic as "the person that is most endangered at this moment."

Speaking for the Belgrade-based Pink broadcaster, Gasic stressed that the security provided to the prime minister will be "maximal."

In the wake of allegations that the VBA was illegally spying on politicians, judges, and union leaders, the minister said the agency was "not wiretapping anyone independently without a court decision," and that Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic, who presented these concerns, "knows it full well."

"Without cooperation with other services and without a court oder the VBA cannot, and is not technically equipped, to do that," Gasic stressed.

He also praised a new law on the Serbian Army and the the Law on Defense, saying the legislation would provide for "a stronger momentum."

"The Serbian Army has started to raise its head, and that does not suit many in the world and in our immediate surroundings," he said.

According to the minister, "the solving of the social status of VS members has begun."

Parliament adopts amendments

The Serbian parliament on Wednesday adopted amendments to the Law on Defense and to the Law on the Serbian Army (VS).

The amendments to the Law on Defense reinstate the military attorney’s office, define the status of the military institutions with their own source of revenues, and introduce and describe the role of a Defense Ministry inspectorate.

The amendments to the law on defense are aimed at eliminating flaws and solving legal problems in the functioning of the defense system.

The adopted pieces of legislation precisely regulate military organization and composition and the manner of preparation and adoption of documents on military organization at the strategic, operational and tactical level of command.