Vucic: My brother showed his ID, we have video to back this

BELGRADE -- Aleksandar Vucic stated on Tuesday that members of the Gendarmerie beat up his brother Andrej in the recent incident although he showed them his ID.


“The beating began as he was showing them his ID, and there is a video to support this,” Vucic told at the news conference commenting on the incident which occurred in downtown Belgrade on Sunday, when the Gendarmerie were protecting the Pride Parade.

“We have a video that shows they gave their IDs,” he said.

Vucic noted that his brother and the individuals escorting him showed their IDs and that the authorities have the videos the content of which has already been confirmed by all witnesses.

“You do not have to transfer you hatred toward me to my family,” Vucic said and added that by this, he is referring to those who tried to provide false information to the public through their lies.

Vucic said that he will not try to prove anything to anyone and that the authorities will perform their duty instead.

Andrej Vucic qualified as untrue the allegations of the Tuesday edition of the Belgrade-based daily Blic which said that members of the Gendarmerie brutally beat up him and three more individuals in his company because they refused to provide their IDs.

Andrej Vucic told Tanjug that a Gendarmerie stopped him and his escort and demanded that they show their IDs.

“I think the problem was in fact caused by the IDs and not because we had done anything to anyone or refused to act on their instructions,” he said.

“What occurred was a mistake by certain individuals and nothing more than that, I hope,” Andrej Vucic said.

Serbian Minister of Interior Affairs Nebojsa Stefanovic stated on Tuesday that the investigation into the recent beating of the brother of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic will soon be completed and that the public will be informed about all the details upon the conclusion of proceedings.

“I want to inform the public that the investigation into the incident when the prime minister's brother was beaten up is underway, and I expect the proceedings to be completed next week at the latest,” Stefanovic said in a written statement.

He noted that the facts concerning the case will be made public upon conclusion of the investigation.

“Until that point, I expect that nobody would go and voice any allegations, be they verified or non-verified, because it can only prove detrimental to the investigation. The police will closely cooperate with the Prosecutor's Office on the case,” Stefanovic said.