PM: Politicians involved in financial machinations

KRUŠEVAC -- Aleksandar Vučić says it would not have been possible for companies take loans without collateral from state-run banks "without the help of some politicians."


The prime minister added that "the public will learn who they are when the suspects in fraud cases talk."

Vučić was in the town of Kruševac on Tuesday when reporters asked when Serbians would find out who those politicians are, to which he replied it would happen "as soon as one of those (suspects) talks."

"But I guess they think that politicians will now save them. It is impossible to imagine that a tycoon did it alone, he had to secure political support for the bank that was state-owned," added Vučić.

The prime minister also stated that it was now expected that some of the suspects will "finally talk."

Commenting on the arrest of Farmakom MB owner Miroslav Bogićević, Vučić said the investigation will be expanded, adding that the charges currently constitute "only a part" of the abuses investigated so far.

"That's a small bank, because EUR 15 million is peanuts, and they have an average exposure of 300 to 500 million toward the banks," said Vučić, noting that "such things will not be done in Serbia in the future and such thievery and double dealing will no longer exist in Serbia."

"Enough of this market place, 'I'm on good terms with you, you'll remain the director because someone supports you, you to give me a loan, we agree nicely on everything, we are all richer, we have private planes, and Serbia will have to pay'," Vučić was quoted as saying.