Wheat yield "above five-year average"

BELGRADE -- One of the longest wheat harvests ever taking place in Serbia is 99 percent complete now, after being interrupted by rain a number of times.

(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

This is what Director of the Grains of Serbia ("Žita Srbije") Association Vukosav Saković told Tanjug on Thursday.

Bad weather has caused grain quality to be uneven, but we will have enough wheat for both domestic needs and exports, Saković said.

The yield is 4.2 tons per hectare, which is above the five-year average, but less than last year, when we had a record one totaling nearly five tons, he explained.

The projected production is 2.3 million tons of wheat and with transitional stocks, we will have a total of 2.5 million tons of wheat, said Saković.

He added that the domestic needs for wheat were 1.5 million tons, which meant that one million tons would remain for exports.