Report: Doctor accusing Thaci "will provide evidence"

Nigerian doctor Philip Njemanze will accept to provide evidence to Serbia and testify about human organ trafficking he said involved Hashim Thaci.

Source: Blic, Tanjug

This is according to a report on Friday in Belgrade-based daily Blic.

Thaci is currently deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Kosovo, and was in the past one of the leaders of the KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army").

"I stick to every word that I said about Thaci and Okorocha (a billionaire and governor of Imo State in Nigeria). I am ready to share the information and evidence concerning the human organ trafficking with any official institution, including the Serbian prosecution," he told the daily.

On Thursday, the Serbian War Crime Prosecution said it filed a request with relevant Nigerian authorities asking to interview Njemanze in connection to his allegations.


"Belgrade casts its lot with Brussels"

This article originally appeared on the Washington Diplomat website, under the headline, "As Balkans Emerges from Bloodstained Past, Belgrade Casts Its Lot with Brussels"

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