"Albanian PM trying to provoke Serbia"

BELGRADE -- Milovan Drecun said on Thursday Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama was making extreme statements in an effort to make his visit to Serbia meaningless.

(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

According to this MP from the ranks of the ruling SNS party, who heads the Committee on Kosovo and Metohija, Rama is also attempting to "place the blame for it on Serbia's shoulders."

"When Tirana sends messages that Serbia should renounce a part of its territory (Kosovo), then those are not messages of prosperity, but destabilizing ones," he told reporters in Belgrade.

"Unilateral changes to internationally recognised borders does not lead the region into the EU," Drecun noted, adding that "the EU has completely different standards."

"It seems to me that Rama's very aggressive, even extreme, statements are an attempt to make his upcoming visit pointless, to provoke Belgrade and then declare Serbia responsible," he said.

"I have no doubt anymore that this is a well planned, orchestrated campaign by Tirana intended to destabilize the situation in the region by sending messages that support a Greater Albania," he stated.

"That is not the way forward for us," he remarked, underscoring that Serbia "would not fall for such attempts at provocation."

"Serbia wants to protect its territorial integrity, to continue the process of bringing the relations with Priština back to normal and develop good relations with Albania. The way things currently stand, Albania has not shown a sincere desire to embark on this path as well," Drecun concluded