FM: Argentina supports Serbia's territorial integrity

BUENOS AIRES -- Serbian First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić says Argentina and Serbia are linked by friendly relations.


Argentina will not change its stance on Kosovo and Metohija, he added.

The Latin American country has not recognized the unilateral declaration of independence made by ethnic Albanians in the province in early 2008.

"Serbia and Argentina are friendly countries which share similar positions on the state of affairs in the international arena and the international legal order with regards to the problems they are facing in terms of territorial integrity," the Serbian minister underlined after a meeting in Buenos Aires with Foreign Minister of Argentina Hector Timerman.

"We both advocate equality in the international relations as the basic principle of the international legal order," Dačić said, adding that Argentina "will not change its stance on Kosovo and Metohija."

Noting that the two countries have maintained diplomatic relations for 85 years, Dačić underlined that it is in Serbia's interest to foster cooperation and promote relations with its friends in all segments.

Dačić and Timerman signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of culture and education and an agreement on scientific and technological cooperation.

Dačić said that agreements in the field of economy are next to be signed, adding that the two countries also agreed to hold consultation on their participation in international forums.

Latin America and the Caribbean have friendly relations with Serbia, Dačić said, adding that Serbia should cooperate more with its traditional friends.

He said that the Argentinean minister of foreign affairs will visit Serbia in the first half of 2015, which will be the first high-level visit in 30 years.

Dačić is scheduled to depart for Chile on Thursday where he will meet with Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs Heraldo Munoz Valenzuela.