Belgrade "ready to continue Kosovo dialogue"

BELGRADE -- Belgrade is ready for the continuation of the dialogue with Pristina, scheduled for early February in Brussels, the Serbian government said on Friday.

The cabinet session on Friday (Tanjug)
The cabinet session on Friday (Tanjug)

In a debate on information on the process of accession to the European Union, it was said that the Serbian government is committed to the European path and that it is striving to meet all the obligations in the accession process.

Head of the EU Mission to Serbia Michael Davenport, who took part in the debate, described Serbia's readiness to implement the Brussels agreement and contribute to a normalization of the situation in Kosovo as high.

Davenport expressed satisfaction with the good organization and success of the summit of the prime ministers of China and 16 Central and Eastern European states in Belgrade, the government said.

Budget revision bill adopted

The government of Serbia adopted on Friday the bill amending and modifying the 2014 budget law and forwarded it to the Serbian parliament for debate under urgent procedure.

The aim of the bill is to re-direct the significant budget savings achieved this year into meeting overdue obligations and debts, the participants said after the meeting.

The government also adopted the Bill on energy and the Bill amending and modifying the law on incentives in agriculture and rural development.

The Bill amending and modifying the law on games of chance was withdrawn by the government, the media cooperation office said.