Kosovo: Islamic State graffiti sprayed on Serb homes

Islamic State (IS, ISIS) graffiti have been sprayed on Serb homes in ethnically mixed neighborhoods in northern Kosovska Mitrovica, the police have confirmed.

Source: Beta

Regional Kosovo police chief Zeljko Bojic told Beta on Friday that the graffiti spelling "ISIS" were found "in his area of responsibility," and that about ten of them have been discovered over the past week.

"The police investigated the scene and took photographs of these inscriptions and locations. Investigative work is under way," Bojic said, adding that security situation in northern Kosovo was "under control."

"Security measures have been undertaken, there are more mobile and pedestrian patrols. A special unit has been included in the ethnically mixed settlements of Bosnjacka Mahala, Tri Solitera and Mikronaselje. They are controlling traffic, vehicles, and passers-by," he said.


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