Another house belonging to Serb returnees set on fire

ISTOK -- The coordinator in the Office for Communities in the municipality of Istok in Kosovo has said that a house belonging to a Serb returnee had been set on fire.

Dragan Repanović said that the house, belonging to late Radosav Pantić, was empty at the time the incident occurred, and that two rooms burned down.

This is the second Serb returnee home in the region of Istok and Klina in Kosovo that has come under attack in this way in the past several days.

"A neighbor of the Pantić family, an Albanian, told the police that somebody broke into the house of late Pantić last night (Tuesday) around 21:00 hours, in the settlement of Ljug in Istok, and that the house was then set on fire. Firefighters arrived and put out the fire," said Repanović.