Another hospital receives equipment in "Battle for Babies"

POZAREVAC -- Komercijalna Banka (bank) and the B92 Fund have provided the maternity ward of the general hospital in the town of Pozarevac with all the necessary equipment.


The bank and the fund are collaborating in the "Battle for the Babies" humanitarian campaign.

The hospital has received patient monitors with ECG, a syringe pump, a phototherapy lamp, a olor Doppler ultrasound machine, a delivery table, an oxygen hood, and inhalers.

This is the fourth donation from the funds collected by the bank, which sets aside RSD 2 each time a client uses one of its cards to make payment.

As of June 1, more than 7.5 million transactions were carried out via POS terminals, and Komercijalna Banka has already allocated more than RSD 15.5 million, providing the maternity ward in Požarevac with the equipment that will improve the level of health care.


"The participation of Komercijalna Banka in the Battle for the Babies is the result of many years of commitment to projects facing the future and helping those who need it most. Bearing in mind the general support for the campaign, not only from the regions that welcomed the new equipment which has solved many of their problems, but also from the general public, the bank decided to continue with the campaign in the coming year.," President of Komercijalna Banka Executive Board Ivica Smolić said, and added:

"As before, the bank will provide equipment where it is most needed, with full transparency of all the details about the donations. Not only through publishing the beneficiaries and specifications of the supplied equipment, but also by regularly informing about every dinar set aside, on a daily basis, with a counter available on our website and on social networks."

By using cards instead of cash, the bank's customers are participating with no cost to themselves, but are directly affecting the increase in the amount of the donated funds.

President of the Board of Directors of the B92 Fund Veran Matic said the joint campaign was "an excellent model for a predictably successful and very useful campaing when it comes to the most vital needs of newborn babies, their parents and doctors."

"This is the third maternity hospital that is fully equipped with the necessary equipment within the Battle for the Babies, and the thirteenth overall since the beginning the campaign. We will endeavor to provide the necessary equipment and fully equip all maternity wards, through the campaign of Komercijalna Banka, but also other donors."


Director of the General Hospital in Pozarevac Dr. Srecko Bosic thanked the bank and the Fund, whose activities have helped to modernize and equip the department of obstetrics and neonatology.

"The last major donation in Komercijalna Bank's action, organized by the B92 Fund, showed that health facilities in the country are not alone and that they can count on assistance in the procurement of equipment, all aimed at improving the conditions for the treatment of our citizens," said he.

The campaign began on June 1 and will run until December 31, 2014.

The current amount of the donation can be seen at any time on the bank's website.