Thousands take part in B92-led humanitarian event

BELGRADE -- A special edition of the Open Heart Street humanitarian campaign on Saturday raised a total of RSD 1,263,733 for children in areas affected by the floods.


The event was held in downtown Belgrade under the slogan, "Flood of Love."

Despite the somewhat chilly weather thousands of people took part in the charity event held in order to collect aid and funds to rebuild schools and kindergartens.

Although it has been almost four months since the May floods, the youngest still need help - the school year has already begun, but many schools and kindergartens have not been repaired.

The event was organized by RDP B92 and the B92 Fund, in association with Atelje 212 Theater, the City of Belgrade, the Belgrade Tourist Organization, and the Municipality of Stari Grad.

Organizers, with the help of volunteers, collected RSD 814,733 from the sale of bracelets with the "#floodoflove" incription.

Elixir Group was the sponsor of the event, while NIS, Danube Foods Group, Telekom and Tehnounion Exim, all contributed as donors, raising almost RSD 450,000.

All proceeds will go toward restoration of kindergarten in four towns - Svilajnac, Obrenovac, Paraćin, and Valjevo.

Citizens also donated schoolbooks for children in the affected areas.

B92 thanks everyone who supported the campaign on Saturday with a donation, or with their presence.

Director of the Fund B92 Veran Matić said he was satisfied with the results, and noted that the Fund will continue to organize similar actions:

"There are those who think that this is a small amount for a great effort, but when we know that this is one in a series of campaigns we are implementing and when one realizes it is part of an effort to rebuild the selected kindergartens in the four cities, and when each week progress in that reconstruction and where the funds went is seen in B92 broadcasts - then we can be very satisfied, because in addition to the money, there was also good energy, optimism and positive publicity."

"This is good introduction for the upcoming solidarity and humanitarian campaigns. It is very important to separate the operation of private foundations such as the B92 Fund, that shows all its activities openly with precise data on its website, and what is more important through news broadcasts on B92's television, radio, and internet portal, that have the broadest audience. Justified criticism of insufficient transparency of government's activity should not be confused with the examples that base their credibility on openness and transparency, and regular reporting to donors and citizens," said Matić.

So far, the B92 Fund collected and realized a total of RSD 14 million and EUR 125,000 for various projects related to the flooding in Serbia.

"I take this opportunity to invite all those who have not been involved or would like to take part with new donations to contact the Fund via the website, where they can find information about how to donate from the country, or from abroad. Of course, it is possible to realize a donation by credit card through the website," said Matić.