Government sacks heads of public enterprises

NIŠ -- The Serbian government met in Niš on Monday and decided to dismiss directors of seven public enterprises and institutions.

The government meets in Niš (Tanjug)
The government meets in Niš (Tanjug)

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić made the announcement saying this concernd Serbian Railways, Nikola Tesla Belgrade Airport, the diplomatic housing company Dipos, the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia, the State Lottery of Serbia, the insurance company Dunav and the Transport Safety Agency.

Beta news agency reported that Vučić said "approximately 70 percent of the management of public enterprises will be changed by the end of August."

"Here is where we begin the entire process of change in public enterprises. There will have to be fundamental changes at Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS); we are yet to find a suitably good solution, but we have to and will do so," the prime minister was quoted as saying.

Vučić announced that acting directors will be appointed first, followed by public application procedures in order to appoint "the best and most competent people," Beta reported.