Pensioner suspected of drug trafficking

NIS -- The police in Nis carried out two raids on Friday, arresting two suspected drug traffickers and confiscating 900 grams of a substance "believed to be heroin."


The two suspects now in custody have been identified as 48-year-old man, Z.M., and 68-year-old woman, M.S., both residents of the southern town.

The police found about 8 grams of heroin when they searched Z.M.'s apartment, and believe he was buying and selling the drugs.

891 grams were found in M.S,'s apartment, who is suspected of packaging and selling heroin in the Nis area. The officers also seized "a quantity" of marijuana from the woman.

Both suspects are currently held in 48-hour police custody, after which they will be turned over the Higher Public Prosecutor in Nis.