19 Turkish fans detained ahead of game in Belgrade

BELGRADE -- 19 visiting fans of the Turkish football club Besiktas were late on Thursday "brought" to the police in Belgrade, the MUP confirmed for Tanjug.

(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

15 were detained for using pyrotechnics, while others violated public order.

The hooligans demolished several buses belonging to the Belgrade city transportation company GSP, used to transport them from the Hotel Jugoslavija.

They also caused incidents while at the hotel where they set alight flares. According to reports, they behaved "violently" in the buses.

Members of the MUP Gendarmerie unit "managed to calm down the situation" and taken the fans to the Partizan stadium where a portion of the stands was open "just for them, for security reasons."

The Europa League game between Partizan and Besiktas ended 0:4.