Tadić says he's "convinced of election victory"

Ruling Democratic Party (DS) leader and presidential candidate Boris Tadić has said he is convinced he will win the May 6 elections.

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  1. You have take big money from MMF and world bank,I was hope that you will help Serbian people as their president,but all I can see is people who are not satisfied,it must be that you do not know your job so it’s time to let others to do that !!
    (Pascale, 19 April 2012 23:37)

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  2. Twelve years of lies is enough Mr. Tadic and I am sure that most of Serbian people will say the same thing .Twelve years we wait for a better life and all we got from you is lies and nothing else ,we are hungry, humiliated, unhappy, poor..in the same time you and people around you are full ,rich and happy.This is the end of the road for you !!!
    (Jasmina, 19 April 2012 23:37)

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  3. Words and nothing else..where is satisfied people ,that is the only criterion how good president and government are Satisfied people…and you do not have them in Serbia
    (Janet Tan, 19 April 2012 23:37)

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  4. Mr. Tadic, it is very interesting and nice to live in an illusion.....but the reality is totaly diffrent!!!!
    (Roxy, 19 April 2012 19:39)

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  5. “The situation we have now – one pensioner to every employed person, is unsustainable. We need to change that and this is the most important item in our program,” Tadić pointed out. …we have 4 pensioner on 1 employed person,if you do your job as you should you would know that…this just shows how you do not care about small people !!!
    (Jovan, 19 April 2012 19:36)

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  6. Yes, of course Mr. ex president, we are all convinced in Nikolic's victory!!!!
    (Cleopatra, 19 April 2012 19:36)

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  7. Are you sure of the victory on the upcoming elections?You have destroyed Serbia,thousands of people lost their jobs,thousands are homeless and god knows how many people starving.Therefore i'm sure that you gonna lose the elections!
    (Ein wahrer Bayer, 19 April 2012 18:34)

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  8. Мr. Tadic,that i am on your place i would not be so sure on victory.
    (Herr Schmidt, 19 April 2012 18:00)

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  9. "What are you suggesting, wtf?"

    Hallo Bganon, you know what i am suggesting and that is the same i have done a noticeable amount of time here, that the election will be rigged, yes, as usual. Or shall we say the empire "support" their clients? Saakaswili, Kharzai, Tadic etc.

    You guys just can´t take no for an answer until it jumps up and bite you in...
    Ps. you havn´t mailed me yet to sort that allegation of yours...
    (wtf, 19 April 2012 17:19)

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  10. Yeah, i'm sure that those 400 000 workers that were left jobless will vote for jobless.
    (JoorZahFrul, 19 April 2012 15:40)

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  11. tadic you are done !
    (grobar1, 19 April 2012 15:35)

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  12. What are you suggesting, wtf?

    That the elections are rigged or that Serbs in Serbia are stupider than you and are tricked into voting for the party you don't like?
    (Danilo, 19 April 2012 15:30)

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  13. Tadic is a politician so what else is he going to say? Naturally he wants to keep his people's spirits high.

    This election will not be stolen as you can feel a change in the air.
    (sj, 19 April 2012 15:28)

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  14. Hopefully Tadic will celebrate only The Victory Day on May 9 while Nicolic will enjoy both of two Great Victories next month.
    (rote, 19 April 2012 13:01)

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  15. His US masters & their €USSR poodles havn´t hinted otherwise, so of course, that would convince me too.

    After all, we are a western oriented anglo-american style "democracy" and they define whatever that is so no matter what, Washington´s Saakaswili in Belgrade will stay as long as he does what they pay him to do...
    (wtf, 19 April 2012 12:52)

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