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Who’s bringing down Airport?

The stock exchange value of the Airport Nikola Tesla company has reduced in the two-month period (November - January) by EUR 75 million - by EUR 100 million in the five-month period (August to January) – by EUR 140 million in the 10-month period (March 2015 - January 2016) , according to a very conservative estimate. The more politicians praise Airport, the more its stock market value reduces

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Who is Kyle Scott, America's new ambassador in Belgrade?

After the victory of democratic forces in Serbia in 2000, the sixth Ambassador of the United States of America will arrive in Belgrade. Following in the footsteps of William Montgomery (2000-2004), Michael Polt (2004-2007), Cameron Munter (2007-2010), Mary Burce Warlick (2010-2012), Michael Kirby (2012-2016), the new ambassador will be Kyle Scott.

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